Working safely with welding helmets

Working in the welding industry, you may pose a threat to your health and life if you do not have enough knowledge of how to protect yourself from the accidents. As we know, welding activity is quite dangerous can cause damage at any time because of the carelessness. When working, you need to ensure that the working environment is safe enough to set limit on the unexpected accident. Besides, you can limit the damage by equip yourself with necessary work wear such as a best welding helmet to protect your eyes and your head, goggles to keep your eye-sight, gloves and shoes.

You can visit website of some distributors specializing in selling work wear to know more about the items for safety at work. In this paper, we would like to introduce you some basic requirement for a safe welding environment and some methods to choose a good welding helmet for yourself.

1. How to keep the safe working environment?

  • The working area of welding metal need to have at least 4 meter square and be equipped with good ventilation. This area needs to be covered with shield to prevent the flammable objects
  • When using some special liquid for welding like oxygen and acetylene, the workers need to take care of the storing. The oxygen and acetylene bottles must be placed standing and placed stably on the shelf. These bottle need to be put far from the heat source at least 5 meters. The acetylene bottle must be placed away from the flammable materials.
  • When moving the shelf of oxygen and acetylene bottles, you need to cover the shelf with the roof to prevent the effect of outside condition such as rain and sun.
  • Only take uses of the acetylene and oxygen bottle which have been checked and registered follow the regulation. Do not use homemade acetylene gas and oxygen bottle with invalid inspection.
Working safely with welding helmets
  • Welding gas pipes must be tested periodically
  • When welding, the worker must use the protective items as the regulations. Some necessary work wear must be used such as welding helmet, gloves, shoes, glasses, belts, clothes…
  • Scrape paint before welding, do not use the welding flame to burn the paint. Do not use oxygen bottles to blow dust on clothing, instruments.
  • Do not weld; cut the sealed objects, containers and bottle with high pressure, the toxic materials, and chemical containers.
  • When welding in the sealed tunnels, you need to check the vacillation. A supervisor needs to work outside to ensure the safety.
  • Always monitor the glowing gas of the conductor, if finding the gas leak, you need to stop working and repairing the machine
  • When working in high position, you need to pay attention to the safety and fire prevention for the lower position.
  • At the end of the work, you need to shut all valves in bottles, pipes and discharge the gas from the pipe, lower the pressure, remove the pump out of the bottle, and store the machine.
Working safely with welding helmets

2. How to purchase a good welding helmet?

The welding helmet is a crucial part of safety in welding industry. However, not all the helmets have the same feature and function. Each manufacturer has equipped their product with different characteristics and functions to create the competitiveness.

There are a number of helmets which are produced to not only meet the demand on protecting the head and eyes sight but also create a comfortable feeling when working, leading to the high productivity.

To select a good type of welding helmet, it is necessary for you to understand your requirement beforehand. Because with the numerous types and brands of welding helmet now on the market, you may feel confused to choose the suitable one. Basing on the price range, there are also cheap welding helmets and expensive ones. Of course, there are also the differences between the quality and duration. Most of the cheap products are made of low quality materials so that they cannot well protect your eyes and can be easily broken if a hard object falls down. With the expensive product, you can feel more relaxed because the high quality and long durability.

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