Improve Your Kitchen

Small changes, big kitchen improvements 

Nobody enjoys living in a house that feels staid, old and out of style, but often enough we don’t think we can afford to bring our homes up to date. This is rarely truer than in the kitchen – we assume that if we are to tear our kitchen’s style kicking and screaming into the 21st century it’s going to cost us. The fact is that small, inexpensive changes can make a huge difference, while a little investment can completely transform your kitchen and add value to your home.

Moden Kitchen

Clear the clutter 

This doesn’t cost a thing, but clearing your kitchen of mess is invaluable. Get rid of the unused gadgets and gizmos that strewn across your countertops and you’ll be getting rid of the chaos and instantly making your kitchen look better. It’ll also make it easier to follow some of the other tips.

Add some colour 

Giving the walls a lick of paint or incorporating a new tile design can instantly change the whole feel of your kitchen. If you’re not confident about painting all four walls you could just paint one in a bright, distinctive color such as orange. In fact, one effective way of creating a colorful kitchen that doesn’t look tacky is by painting one wall in an adventurous tone and painting the remaining walls in a lighter shade of that color.

Improve your lighting 

That means both the actual quality of the lighting itself and the light fittings. Stylish, contemporary light fittings really stand out, despite the fact they’re often above eye level, while a kitchen that doesn’t have sufficient lighting can’t help looking dingy and dank.

Replace cabinet doors or handles 

Your cabinets make up a lot of the visual space in your kitchen, so if you can replace them with something up to date you can quickly alter the whole look of the room. If replacing them isn’t possible there are other options: some cabinets may be suitable for painting, but even if they aren’t you could always just replace the handles. Simply exchanging wooden knobs for metallic handles can make your cabinets look a little livelier.

Upgrade your counters 

Kitchen counters also easily catch the eye in the kitchen, so make sure they stand out for the right reason. If you’re on a budget then a new laminate counter could be enough to add a bit of energy to your kitchen, but if you want something that will really impress there’s no substitute for a natural stone counter, such as granite, slate or soapstone.