Frameless And Glass Sliding Shower Doors

Bathroom renovation is a very exciting event which can give a scope to your imagination. You have to think over many details and choose many things for your new bathroom interior. Bathroom and shower doors are among them.

Sliding Shower Doors

The first door you have to consider is the bathroom entrance door. There are many design ideas for doors among which you can choose. One of the most trendy door designs nowadays is a sliding door for bathroom. Such door construction is very convenient as it helps to economize space. Sliding door in bathroom moves in one plane along one of the walls, so make sure you have enough space to open it.

Today you can find many designs of sliding doors. One of them is sliding barn door for bathroom. It perfectly matches rural style. Such door is usually wooden and its width can reach up to 900 mm or even 1000 mm. You can paint them any color matching your overall house design or leave their natural wooden pattern.

If you are fond of modern or high tech style you can choose sliding bathroom door made of glass. It looks very fashionable and can match any interior due to various possible glass patterns. Such door can be transparent, but many people prefer it frosted. Besides, you can choose any picture that will be applied to your glass bathroom door.

Doors For Shower

Another very important item in your bathroom is shower. That is why you have to approach the choice of shower doors very responsibly. If you are lucky to have a large bathroom you can pick a hinged door, but if you want to spare precious free space than it is better to buy a sliding door for shower enclosure.

Frameless sliding shower doors

Nowadays you can find frameless sliding shower doors. They look more delicate and stylish compared to conventional shower cubicle. Glass sheets for such doors are a bit thicker than usual to keep the whole construction intact.

Sliding shower doors can consist of two sheets sliding in opposite directions, or be one-paneled. Usually glass for shower enclosure is frosted, but you also can buy a transparent shower cabin. Frameless sliding glass shower doors can contain any picture you choose or one of diverse background patterns.

Sliding glass shower doors are a very important bathroom detail as they protect your bathroom from excessive humidity. Water splashes and steam get trapped inside the shower cabin, so humidity does not affect your bathroom furniture or other things which are not moisture resistant.

You can buy sliding glass doors for showers of standard sized or order them individually. In the latter case you will have to invite a master who will make all the measurements. Your task will be to choose the final design of shower sliding doors. The manufacturing of a custom door will take approximately 10 days.

Doors For Bathtub

It can happen that you bathroom is not big enough to place both a shower cubicle and a bathtub. In this case you have to take shower in your bathtub. So it is now possible to install a special door for bathtub. It can be 1200mm high.

Sliding glass shower doors

There are several models among which you can choose. The most popular are bathtub sliding doors and hinged ones. The first variant is considered to be safer, as it excludes the possibility of accidental injury.

For the bathtub door you can also choose any fittings and design you like.

Technology And Materials

Bathtub doors, as well as shower doors, can be made of glass or acrylic. Furniture for shower doors is usually made from stainless steel, brass and aluminum. It is then coated with polished or matt chrome or titanium and gold simulation. Such fitting is not prone to corrosion that contributes to its durability and gives your door certain elegance.

Sliding doors usually consist of two sections, attached to the bathroom walls. They move with the help of two roller mechanisms – upper and lower ones. Thus, if the adjustment of the shower doors is proper, door motion is absolutely silent.

Rollers for shower doors are fitted in such a way that they slide smoothly along the guide rails without clinging or getting stuck, otherwise the mechanism will soon break down.